About Me

Like Nelson Mandela, I also believe that „education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  That is why I became learning & talent manager, organizational consultant, trainer, and coach.

I have over 15 years of experience in the successful implementation of global learning and development programs for organizations such as ABB, Airbus, UBS, Barclays Capital, Erasmus Student Network, Jagiellonian University, Shell, UBS.

I’m known as a highly organized person who combines strategic thinking and strong business acumen to work towards goals in a complex environment and as an outgoing individual with a passion for people and business performance. Globally minded, have lived and worked in Poland, France, UK, and Switzerland.

I’m also an independent and energetic optimist who believes that the world can be changed with just an idea and a series of right decisions made by good people. My mission is to support people and organizations in realizing their potential and agreed goals.

My services

I offer my freelance coaching, consulting and training services to organizations of all sizes both in the private and public sector as well as to individuals on all levels of their career. The most up to date list of my projects, roles and assignements is available on LinkedIn.


I offer my coaching services to professionals working in private and public sector to help them harness their potential and improve their role performance. I also support students and graduates in defining their goals and choosing the career path that combines their strengths and aspirations.

Organisational Consultancy

I help organisations clarify and achieve their aims. I support individuals and groups performing in a professional or corporate environment to productively handle issues many organisations face such as change management, „difficult“ situations and „difficult“ individuals in teams, ect.


I develop and manage various Learning & Development projects in the area of IT and finance, leadership and management, individual effectiveness, sales and customer service, effective communication, planning and organizing, team-building, creativity, problem solving, motivation.

Project and Change Management

For over 15 years I've supported various organizations in their projects and change management, mainly in the education area. I work in agile, waterfall or combined approaches depending on my clients' needs.

Product and Process Management

My Professional Scrum Master and Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Certificates confirm my expertise in the area of product development and process management, mainly in the area of education and communication.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

With my Master of Arts Diploma in Sociology I conduct quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation projects as well as market and desk research. I've done my research for both public and private sector.


Do you seek how to achieve great results for yourself and your organization or maybe search for a safe space where you can rethink certain topics? Are you about to launch a new project or product and need support in going through this change or maybe wonder how to improve the existing process? Contact me by phone +41 78 904 8755 or email agnieszka@skraburska.com  to discuss the strategies that will best help you or your organization.