Organisational Consultancy

Organisational Consultancy

I help organisations clarify and achieve their aims. I support individuals and groups performing in a professional or corporate environment to productively handle issues many organisations face such as:

  • Change management in our turbulent times
  • Diagnosis and problem solving of „difficult“ situations and „difficult“ individuals in teams and organisations
  • Formation and management of multicultural teams and organisations
  • Design and implementation of organisational interventions

I focus on my clients‘ aims and their approach to work to understand the nature of the issues involved and how they are affecting the work of their organisation. I clarify and explore the challenges that confront my clients’ team and organisation to support them in having greather insight into the way their organization functions.

I use a model developed by the Tavistock Institute in London that combines psychoanalysis and systems theory to look beneath the surface of work place issues and to work with the complexities of today’s organisations.

How to Begin
If you wish to explore whether my organisational consultancy approach can help you or your organisation with your current issues or concerns you may be facing, please email me to set up a confidential consultation.