I run employability skills and career development training programmes for students and graduates, as well as education and training workshops for professionals working in the education sector.


Programmes for professionals working in the education sector

I deliver programmes for professionals working in the education sector to share knowledge, skills and techniques of using a reflective teaching and learning approach. Traditionally we taught our students by using the „cramming“ method in which the purpose of education was to impact the knowledge to learners. Currently the teachnig approach is shifting from teachers centred to learners centred. With this approach the purpose of education is considered to be that of cultivating the development of students‘ innovation spirit and practical competences.

My trainings on active and creative learning and interactive teaching methods allow teachers to:

  • Outline student-centered teaching and learning methods
  • Explain how best different methods can be used in the lesson/activity for students
  • Identify appropriate guidelines for a particular teaching and learning process
    Practice different methods in a safe training environment before actually including them in own curricula.


Programmes for students and graduates

Programmes for students and graduates may be used by learners in secondary or high schools, college and university settings, or by learners who have already graduated and are seeking for employement. The activities are generic and can therefore be adapted to reflect the vocational interests of a range of users.


The Employability Skills Development Programme takes an activity-based approach to raising young people’s awareness about employer expectations and the working environment. Developed in response to an increasing focus on work-related learning, it is focused on developing the following core and employability competences: communication, teamwork, problem solving, self-management, initiative and enterprise, planning and organizing, technology. Programme supports students and graduates in preparation for vocational training, for achieving an employability qualification and for getting a job.


The Windmills Programme supports the development of students’ both personal or professional life. It puts students into action resulting from their current needs & values, goals for the future and challenges they are facing. The Programme consists of three parts:

  • To Be More Self, where students learn about their emotions, convictions, values, needs and self-esteem in order to understand themselves and their own actions better
  • To Be More Self With The Others, where students find out how their cultural background influences their way of thinking as well as understand other cultures and their influence on people’s lives.
  • Getting IN to, where students put into practice the knowledge and competences – developed at the first two parts of the Programme – by running their own project in their local communicty.


The Talented Programme is designed to provide people with unique career coaching that raises self-esteem, provides an understanding of career paths that are best suited to the individuals based on their unique strengths, skills and interests, and produces an action plan leading to a career path.

Programme encourages young people to recognize that everyone is talented in their own unique way because we all have our own unique set of talents, skills, ambitions and roles. Once we discover that unique potential, we became able to move forward in developing our careers.


How to Begin
If you would like to find out more about the different types of trainings I offer, please email me to set up a consultation meeting.